In stillcanvas, I am reaching back into old folk stories, fairy tales, creation myths and parables.


For many years I told stories through my interactive work and writing. 
I considered that these mediums offered me more exactness of expression to convey 
feelings, emotions, other worlds, the divine within the social context and the inner world
of the characters.


My choice to turn back to painting - stillcanvas uses mainly oil on canvas - has been an 
exciting journey into symbolism, timeless archytypes, myths, phsychology, colour and 
form to offer a silent path to story telling.


By offering less (no sound, no moving imagery to convey the narrative, no words to tell it, 
no actors to portray emotion), I have discovered that I can delve the depths of not only 
my own imagination, but the imaginations of the 'looker'.


A painting to me is narrative. It just needs a little more time in comtemplation to unleash the 
imagination, connect with the sub conscious of the looker and draw her into the world the 
painting is hinting at.